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Poet Laureate

During the lockdown, after being inspired by Amanda Gorman, we decided to be hopeful about the future and held a poetry competition to find our very own Poet Laureate. There were many brilliant, creative entries and we were very lucky to have, Adam Stower, author and illustrator of the King Coo series of books, judge them for us. The overall winner and now our very own Poet Laureate of St Peter's School for 2020-2021 is Sofia. Here is her wonderful poem simply entitles 'Hope.'




The St. Peter’s Way


During Lockdown it was difficult to cope

And it would have been easy to lose hope

But finally in March, we got back to school

And seeing our friends again was refreshingly cool


We had school assemblies on zoom so that we could see other bubbles

But we still can’t play together because of the Covid troubles

Going home has been a tricky task

Trying to decipher who our parents are, by the pattern on their masks


Luckily, every class has a school trip to look forward to

The teachers have worked so hard to arrange these days out and for this we thank you

Mrs McCann, so organised, she has made school our happy place

When she leaves, we’ll be sad and miss her smiling face


Class four have the fun of performing the play

And a joyous, invigorating event for everyone was sports day

These are some moments we thought COVID would make us take heed

But thanks to careful planning we are able to proceed


In March Mrs Hunt stepped in and helped us progress

With her tricky maths problems and play directing no less!

We will miss the year 6’s, from us they must part

But we wish them good luck on their brand new start


Despite the struggles we’ve faced every day

We were all patient and persevered the St. Peter’s way

Well done to every one of us, from little ones to grown ups

With the fruits of the spirit we can carry on, this experience has shown us.

And remember when push comes to shove

Let all we do, be done with love


By Sofia  11/07/2021